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Walter Elliot, 80, from Selkirk, with a book containing a short Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Conan Doyle also opened a bazaar in the town which raised money to help build Bannerfield’s bridge in 1903. Mr Elliot found the book in his attic and had donated it to the Selkirk Pop Up Community Museum. See SWNS story SWHOLMES: An historian has unearthed the first unseen Sherlock Holmes story in over 80 YEARS – which Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote to help save a town bridge. Poet Walter Elliot, 80, found the 1,300 tale starring the famous sleuth in a collection of short stories written for a local bazaar. The wooden bridge in the Scottish town of Selkirk was destroyed by the great flood of 1902 and locals organised a three-day event to raise funds for a new one in 1904. As part of the event, organisers sold a collection of short stories by locals called ”The Book o’ the Brig”.
South West News Service

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